Construction began August 8th, 2022. Check back here for updates and photos as construction progresses!

What will residents see during construction?

Wastewater Pipeline Rehabilitation

Nearly 3,400 linear feet of pipe will be rehabilitated.  A Cured in Place (CIPP) liner will be inserted into the existing pipe and cured using steam or hot water.  Using the existing pipe as a host, the result is a structurally independent, monolithic pipe.


Bypass Pumping Operations

Bypass pumping will be required for this project to allow for the rehabilitation.  Bypass pumping is the pumping of wastewater around a section of pipeline.  This facilitates the installation of the liner as the pipe is clean and dry.

Various equipment will be needed for bypass pumping including pumps and flexible pipe.  What will this look like?

  • Above ground pumps will be placed within a fenced enclosure. The Town and its consultant are evaluating noise attenuation options.
  • Pump discharge piping will be required and placed above ground to carry flow from an upstream manhole to a downstream manhole.

Two to three bypass pumps, similar to the pumps shown below, will be placed near the intersection of Beverly and Lakeside. These pumps will draw flow out of a manhole and pump it through an 18-inch diameter HDPE pipe. The HDPE pipe will be placed along the curb line on the west side of Lakeside Drive, then turn west along Armstrong and discharge into a downstream manhole.

More information will be provided as this plan is developed.


Waterline Replacement

Approximately 2,300 linear feet of old cast iron water line exists in Lakeside Drive from Beverly Drive to Lexington Avenue.  The Town will install new plastic pipe (high density polyethylene – HDPE) to replace the cast iron pipe as part of this project.


Roadway Reconstruction

Groundwater infiltration throughout the existing wastewater pipeline has caused settling and pavement failures within Lakeside Drive. As a result, Lakeside Drive will be fully reconstructed between Beverly Drive and Armstrong Avenue. 

CONSTRUCTION UPDATE 04/28/2023:  The Towns contractor, Axis Contracting, is continuing to place concrete on the Lakeside Drive Reconstruction project working north from Armstrong Avenue to Beverly Drive.  The contractor has been experiencing weather delays over the past couple months, which has impacted the overall schedule.  Staff is working with the contractor to minimize the delays.  While the original schedule has a completion date of June 2023, the contractor estimates that an extension of approximately 3 weeks will be needed, moving substantial completion to the end of June.

See below for details of the proposed roadway section.

Proposed roadway section

Park Closure and Improvements

Lakeside Park from Armstrong Avenue to Beverly Drive will be closed during construction. This closure includes the pedestrian bridge that crosses Exall Lake to the Teddy Bear statues. The Town is planning to make improvements to Lakeside Park which will follow the reconstruction of Lakeside Drive. The Park will be closed from the Summer of 2022 to the Spring of 2023.  

Construction Fencing

Perimeter fencing has been placed along the southbound lane of Lakeside Drive between Armstrong Avenue and Beverly Drive.  The fencing has been placed in order to maintain pedestrian safety during the construction process.  Construction is anticipated to be completed in late Spring 2023, pending supply shortages and weather.